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Zipit Wireless

Zipit Wireless

Business applications: Automotive | Connected Consumer Device applications | Connected Home & Entertainment applications | Energy & Utilities applications | Healthcare & Medicine applications | Industry & Manufacturing applications | Public Safety & Government applications | Remote Monitoring & Control applications | Security, Access Control & Defence applications | Telematics | Telecommunications
Connectivity providers - Wireless, Fixed Line, Satellite, (M)VNO | Data Management & Control Services & Systems | End-to-end M2M Solution/Service Providers | Service Delivery Platforms; Software - Device Management | Hardware; Software; Professional Services | M2M Cloud Platform Services Operating regions: North America

Zipit Wireless (\"Zipit\") is a pioneer in wireless connected platforms that have connected people, devices, and systems for over a decade. We provide connectivity and services when it matters, through our critical messaging, device management, and cloud infrastructure technologies. We\'v ...

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